maegan stracy


left: gridded vinyl water dress and clear vinl jacket by MAEGAN STRACY
iris' chunky gray sweater is THRIFTED and daniel's jeans are LEVI'S 501
frosted vinyl gradation dress
and silk organza slip dress

iris' basque beret is from LALOUPE VINTAGE
patent shorts with frosted pockets by MAEGAN STRACY
worn with a popped collar and stretchy headband

the water filled dress to the right clasps closed on both sides.
here, it's worn undone.
gradient rubber t-shirt by MAEGAN STRACY
the elasticated jeans are thrifted

MAEGAN STRACY is making clothes of the future. from her background in art, she explores and investigates material to perverse and inject clothing with weighty strangeness through familiarity. plastic shift dress filled with dyed water? the new office basic. she invited us to see her show and pick out some pieces to shoot back in september, which resulted in one of our favorite pairings. plastic fantastic with the bland: comfortable thrifty knits and department store jeans. scroll above to see more.


  1. I'm already in love with her clothes! your snapshots also gave me a very good idea for my upcoming sculpture design in Art! thanks again!

  2. you are damn so good in presenting. your posts are performance art for me